Atlantic Pole Fitness Championship

The Third Annual

July 5th 2014                        Schooner Showroom

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Elisabeth Magalhaes

(pronounced ma-ga-lis)  is the owner of Muse Pole Dance & Fitness Studio, formerly Live Once.  She began her dance experience at a very young age, studying ballet, jazz and modern.  By the time she turned 19 she was a certified group fitness instructor and followed that up with her personal training certification a few years later.  With a passion for dance and fitness, Elisabeth started pole dancing in 1999 and has never looked back.

She is the creator of the successful Live Once Instructional Pole and Lap Dance DVD’s and is on the board of directors for the Canadian Pole Fitness Association, most recently hosting the 2013 Canadian Pole Fitness Championship and first ever Canadian Pole Convention. Elisabeth was a judge for the 2012 Canadian Pole Fitness Championship, judged the 2013 Quebec Pole Fitness Competition and has completed the Judging Criteria workshop with CPFA.

She has performed in a number of pole dance showcases as well as choreographed numbers for other dancers and performances.

Elisabeth has found her passion in pole and fitness and is looking forward to spending many more years enjoying this amazing art of dance and sharing her love for it with others.

Don Rieder

Don Rieder is a seasoned performer, prolific author and gag writer. “The comic talents of Rieder are so finely honed that one’s attention is drawn to the stage.” (San Francisco Chronicle) Since 1978 he has toured across Canada, the United States and Mexico, and performed at international mime and theatre festivals in France, Belgium, Germany and the Czech Republic with his plays that walk the razor’s edge between the tragic and the ridiculous. As a Director he works in a variety of styles and on both small and large-scale productions collaborating with companies as different as the Cirque du Soleil and Théâtre de la pire espèce. As a Master Teacher with 35 years of teaching experience, his teaching credits include the Cirque du Soleil, The National Circus School in Montreal, En Piste, the national circus arts organization headquartered in Montreal, The National Theatre School of Canada, and numerous American and Canadian colleges and universities.

Joy Ducharme

is an Instructor at Studio In Essence, which features Pole Fitness, creative dance, Pilates and wellness in downtown Halifax.

Joy started her dancing passion with Ballet at the age of four and branched into other forms of fitness such as Diving, Synchronized Swimming and Track and Field. Fitness has been a big part of her life since then. Joy started Pole Dancing in 2009 and began teaching in 2011. She has trained numerous students, sharing her love of pole and performance. She choreographed, performed and began training in Doubles with Kyla Quinlan in 2011. She competed for the first time at the Atlantic Pole Fitness Championships in 2012 and won the Regional title.

In October of 2012, Joy was invited to compete at the Canadian Pole Fitness Championships in Vancouver, BC where she and Kyla won the National Doubles title. Invited by the International Pole Sports Federation to compete at the World Pole Sports Championships in London, UK in July of 2013, Joy has been in constant training to represent Canada at this international event.

Michelle Cirullo

Michelle Cirullo is the owner and main instuctor at Pink Fitness in Moncton. She discovered pole fitness in 2008 while living in Orlando, Florida. Shortly there after she was exposed to the world of aerial arts and trained in hoop as well as silks with Anti-Gravity. She began teaching pole classes in 2009 where she empahized form and safety and continues to do so with her students, "I would rather see a simple extended butterfly being executed seamlessly than a difficult and wobbly Ayesha with bent legs and poor form". While in Florida, she was able to follow and learn from many known pole dancers and loves to share what she has learned along the way. She moved back to Canada in May 2010. She knew she could not live without these amazing aerial arts in her life and opened Pink in 2011. With no formal training in any form of dance or gymnastics, she wants to serve as inspiration that even pass the age of 30, that passion and determination will make you a great and skilled dancer. Oh, and point your toes. 

Trena Graham Trena's interest in pole fitness sparked when she saw an episode of Oprah featuring the leader and founder of pole fitness, Sheila Kelley, who was able to transform ordinary conservative women into extraordinary confident women, with secrets she discovered that unlocked women's natural femininity.  Trena was excited at the possibility of introducing this new-found confidence building form of fitness to women in Halifax.  She then travelled to Los Angeles, where she received extensive training at the Shelia Kelley Studio.  Thereafter, she continued with attaining additional training at other pole dance studios in Toronto and Vancouver.   Trena is also a professionally trained ballroom, latin and salsa dancer, sought out to perform at local fundraisers and events. 


Trena's belief is, "the secret to living a rich and fufilling life is to 'feel good'.  Once you feel good about yourself and you realize your power, anything you set your mind to is possible."  Trena also says, "I carry my personal belief into my work and have based my studio's philosophy around this...everyone deserves to feel good.  I'm careful to surround myself with people who believe the same and all of my instructors do.  We are able to share this philosophy with other like-minded women through the classes we offer."

Suzanne Bechard Once a competitive-level ballroom dancer, Suzanne now owns and operates Ready 2 Rumba Dance + Fitness studio.

Suzanne's passion for dance and fitness has led her around the world in search of the newest trends and hottest workouts for her Halifax students.  Suzanne is known for her intense passion, zeal for life and enthusiastic personality.  Whether she's teaching a group of office workers a high-energy Disco routine or motivating her advanced Pole students, Suzanne approaches every challenge with gusto and determination.

Suzanne currently teaches Pole, Ballroom, Latin, and Swing as well as fitness classes, including her unique body shaping Triple AAA, dance cardio fit, and Gyrokinesis.  Suzanne performs throughout Halifax at various fundraisers and shows.  She recently welcomed world renowned Jenyne Butterfly to her studio, offering specialty workshops and presentations for pole students throughout the maritimes. 

Suzanne loves the self-expression, beauty and elegance incorporated in the art of pole dancing and is honoured to be judging the Atlantic Pole Fitness Championship.

The Atlantic Pole Fitness Championship will be hosted by someone else this year. Thank you for all your support.